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AES Europe Spring Convention highlights ‘All Things Audio’

Posted on: Monday 11th of April 2022

AES Europe FlyerAll Things Audio is the snappy description AES is offering for its schedule of events during the AES Europe Spring 2022 Convention. However, for those wanting more details, it’s worth noting that the full technical program details are now online for the event – which marks the return of in-person AES shows – happening on May 7th and 8th at the Amare, Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, Netherlands. The event will also be available to view via online streaming and on-demand sessions through May 16th-19th.

The Early Bird rates for registration for both end today, though – Monday, April 11 – for both the in-person and online components, which are available to book individually, or as a bundle offering everything the Convention has in store.

“We’re absolutely delighted to see the return of the in-person convention experience in May,” says AES President Josh Reiss. “The real-time interaction and spontaneous personal networking of a live convention are invaluable. That said, throughout the pandemic the AES has refined an online program format that provides maximum impact and access for attendees from anywhere in the world. For both the online and in-person events, the line-up of presenters is exciting, the topics are compelling and the experience unparalleled.”

The program will include Keynote and Heyser Lectures along with a full roster of sessions delivering the latest in audio research, technology and education. Some of the highlights will be Master Class sessions such as Acoustics for Budget Studios presented by Ben Kok, Workshops including What Gear do You Really Need? with Ian Corbett, and several opportunities to take an exclusive AES Tech Tour of the Convention venue’s newly-built Art of Sound studio.

In the opening day Keynote address, Kees Tazelaar will speak on the topic of Le poème électronique, a multimedia performance that took place in the Philips Pavilion during the Brussels World’s Fair in 1958 featuring a sound system that can be regarded as a precursor to today’s immersive audio technology.

The Convention’s Heyser Lecture follows later that day, with Diemer de Vries presenting Wave Field Synthesis – Just a Wave…Or a Durable Synthesizer in the Audio Field.” De Vries’ address sets the stage for exclusive opportunities for attendees to experience wave field synthesis utilizing the venue’s new, state of the art, WFS system, used to create a holographic spatial sound image that is independent of the listener’s position in the room.

A Master Class on Immersive Production from Tom Ammermann is among the standout education sessions.  Art of Sound, Education in Amare will give “an overview of the Master curriculum for the host facility’s Recording, Production and Sound Reinforcement programs,” and there will be a special in-person AES Student social event taking place on the evening of the opening day. AES Student Members can also have their recent works presented during one of several AES Student Mix Critique sessions (submissions due April 22).

On May 16th-19th the Europe Spring 2022 Convention continues in AES’s online program format with three days of content unique to the online component – live-streamed sessions, interactive Q&As with presenters and real-world listening experiences and demos utilizing the AudioMovers platform. Topics at this year’s AES Europe Convention online event include Spatial Audio, Audio Synthesis and Effects, Binaural Audio, Extended Reality Audio and related technologies, as well as the latest innovations in core audio gear and its applications.

Streaming Sound Reinforcement sessions during the Convention will range from Mixing for In-Ear Monitors: Understanding the Work of Monitor Mixing Engineers” with Jan Berg, Tomas Johannesson and Arne Nykänen to Designing Sound System In-Band Headroom Based on Expected Difference Between C- and A-Weighted Levels presented by Bob McCarthy, Roger Schwenke and Merlijn van Veen. Two additional presentations will cover the newly released AES75 Standard regarding the predictive measurement of loudspeaker maximum linear sound levels using the newly developed M-Noise test signal (See Resolution V22.2 for more details).

AES Europe Spring 2022 online Recording and Production topics include a Professional Miking Workshop with Brandon Bell, J.J. Blair, Darrell Thorp, Joey Waronker and Joe Zook offering deep insights into hit-making techniques, and the foundation for new frontiers will be presented in Immersive Audio Tools for Beginners with Marcela Rada. New tech will be covered in sessions such as Multi-Diaphragm Micro-Speaker vs. Single-Diaphragm Micro-speaker with Wendy Chen, George Wei and Tony Xie.
Additional streaming sessions include subjects ranging from NFT’s, Metadata and Credits, to Electronic Music Performance, Audio Archiving and Restoration and Automotive Audio.

AES President Josh Reiss will be featured in a series of sessions on Audio Synthesis and Audio Effects including Advances in Thunder Sound Synthesis with co-presenters Eva Fineberg and Jack Walters, and “Neural Synthesis of Footsteps Sound Effects with Generative Adversarial Networks” with Marco Comunità and Huy Phan. Experts from AES Convention partners – including Eventide, Genelec, Harman, New Audio Technology, Prism Sound, Sonoris and Steinberg – and their notable end-users, will contribute insights on products and their applications.

The complete program schedule of AES Europe Spring 2022 Convention in-person and online sessions and presenter information is available at

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