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Merging Pyramix 25th Anniversary Edition

Posted on: Thursday 17th of September 2020

Twenty-five years ago, the first Pyramix version was launched. Merging Technologies (celebrating 30 years as an audio manufacturer this year) has announced the official release of major new versions for all of their software range: Pyramix 25th Anniversary Edition, Ovation 9 and VCube 9. The new ANEMAN 1.2.3 version comes along with those releases. These versions will require a new set of keys. All customers under ASM are therefore entitled to a free upgrade, and should have received their new keys.

Dolby Atmos support
Pyramix 25th now fully supports Dolby Atmos workflows and introduces unique features to streamline the process of delivering in Dolby Atmos for those who have been working natively in 5.1.4/ 7.1.4/ 9.1.6.

FLUX SPAT Revolution Support
Merging Technologies says: “Over the past few years it has been central to enabling immersive shows with its virtual room feature and built-in 3D rendering engine supporting Next Generation Audio (Busses, scene based audio such as Ambisonic up to the 7th order and objects).

With the incredible success of SPAT from our close friends at FLUX, there was no question we should partner and offer an integrated solution to our loyal customers by offering a complete workflow using SPAT, from creation to rehearsal and then live. You can now playback audio cues along with panning automation from Ovation into SPAT for objects’ synchronous movements. 

During rehearsal, panning may need to be adjusted to fit a new direction matching the live action.
You can manipulate the panning of audio elements from SPAT and Ovation can record automation (OSC or anything else) straight into an Ovation cue. Combined with Ovation‘s instant ability to send and bring back audio into Pyramix for editing, this makes updating a really fast and simple operation. Never ask your director to wait anymore!

OSC Support
Ovation can now send, receive and even record OSC commands to enable interactivity with any OSC controller or to control any OSC device. Merging says this “brings in a new level of integration and creation for the show designer“.

You can now purchase any Merging software and get your license in ‘the cloud’ without the need for a hardware dongle.

NATIVE Multithreading
Merging Technologies has been well-known for its powerful MassCore engine, providing near zero latency in a multicore CPU. With Pyramix 25th Merging has made the long-awaited shift to Native multithreading for great performance improvements.

Additional updates
There are also:
Video playback engine performance improvements
Sampling Rate Conversion engine and playback Improvement
Support for Atmos Speaker Sets
Improvements to the VST/VST3 plugins distribution, enhancing the performance for Pyramix Native and MassCore
Various mixer improvements
Various bug fixes
New ANEMAN 1.2.3 Release

Also, from now on when you decide to purchase one of Merging’s interfaces, you can get a free Pyramix ELEMENTS – discover what music sounds like in DSD or DXD.

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