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Genelec GLM 4.2 and 9301B AES/EBU interface

Posted on: Wednesday 15th of June 2022

Genelec have released version 4.2 of their GLM loudspeaker management software, also introducing a new 9301B multi-channel AES/EBU interface. Aimed at making the configuration and management of Genelec’s Smart Active Monitoring systems even more comprehensive, the manufacturer says these two new additions provide a scaleable and cost effective approach to creating immersive monitoring systems with up to 16 channels, using one or more bass-managed subwoofers. Systems can also be expanded with an additional 9301B, supporting a total of 32 channels.

Having just published our long term review of GLM version 4.1, it’s great to see Genelec taking onboard user requests and rapidly improving and extending their software. The stand-out feature of the update is the introduction of the GRADE Room Acoustic Report, making GLM the very first calibration software in the world to provide users with a comprehensive analysis of their room and monitoring system performance. A range of variables are analysed by the software during the AutoCal speaker calibration, including frequency response, early vs. late sound at the listening position and ‘time of flight’ accuracy. This information is then used to generate observations and advice on acoustical issues, helping production pros and studio designers fine tune a room’s acoustic treatment, adjust monitor and listening positions, and optimise bass management. GRADE available for free throughout 2022 as an introductory offer.

By introducing MIDI remote compatibility, GLM 4.2 creates a faster and smoother monitor-control experience with both DAWs and control surfaces, allowing external tactile command of key functions including playback volume level and the activation of mutes, volume presets, bass management and monitor groups.

This new 9301B interface works in conjunction with Genelec’s 7300 Smart Active Subwoofer systems, providing immersive systems additional control over bass management. The interface supports up to 16 channels of digital audio in a format compatible with the 7300 series’ single AES/EBU input. One 9301B can support 16-channel formats such as 9.1.6, with higher channel-count formats such as 22.2 catered for with the addition of a second 9301B.

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