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Meet your maker

We put the designers behind well-known pro audio brand names on the spot and ask them difficult questions. The answers are revealing and also give an indication of where your technology is heading.

  • George Shilling, who spends most of his time in front of monitor speakers, spends some time with a man who's behind some of the most-loved models in the business
  • The public face behind the Schoeps brand discusses small is beautiful, misconceptions about large diaphragms, the ‘Digital Bottle’, and the problems of cooking with ‘pre-seasoned’ microphones.
  • Take some high-profile end users, put them in a room with some product designers and record the ensuing conversation. What results is a peek in to real-life problems and product development directions and issues.
  • He’s a classic example of a poacher turned gamekeeper — a customer who ends up working for the manufacturer. As executive VP of technology at Euphonix he talks about the interface issue, the acceptance of assignability, the back-end and relationships with other manufacturers.
  • The man responsible for the product concept and design of Sony plug-ins talks about the state of digital, what can be achieved, clouding the issue, brute processing power, and the underestimation of what we can hear.
  • The Celemony mastermind and CEO talks about the development of Local Sound Synthesis, integration and what a stone sounds like.
  • He’s had a guiding hand in the development of Focusrite’s Blue, Red, Green and Platinum boxes plus the new analogue/digital hybrid Liquid. Focusrite’s director of product strategy talks sound, the new against the old, customer expectations, and the freedom to do Jazz Odyssey.
  • The man behind China’s premier microphone brand SE Electronics talks about his music, his desire to innovate, shipping seafood to China and his dislike of OEM.
  • The man behind much of the research and development at active monitor manufacturer Genelec discusses the domestic reference, low end, the pitfalls of digital filters and control, and everything being there for a good reason.
  • The man behind the Tube-Tech brand is a true valve die-hard but mixes this with a refreshingly practical attitude. He talks to ZENON SCHOEPE about the eternal original versus reissue issue and why tubes will be here for the foreseeable future.
  • The man behind the technology of DPA brand microphones and the individual largely responsible for the reawakening of acceptance of the omni in studios talks diaphragm size, the electronics package and the whole quality issue.
  • The man behind the technology at UK digital broadcast console manufacturer Calrec discusses the implementation of multichannel, imparting character, progress in display technology and high performance sports cars.
  • Schoeps microphones are still made in the same street where the company was founded in 1948. Resolution interviews the co-CEOs (2015)
  • Brauner Microphones is celebrating a decade this year and its company founder still can’t believe the success he’s had. He talks about the technology, the secrets, the passion and the art of microphones.
  • The man behind the varied designs carrying the Audient brand has had a varied career in studios and manufacturing. He talks to ZENON SCHOEPE about one trick ponies, digital obsolescence, the summing bus issue and how modern manufacturing methods are making analogue desks even better.
  • The man behind the technology of Fairlight has done time at Steinberg and, most significantly, Amek. He discusses workflow, asset management, server based media and how to design a worksurface.
  • Universal Audio’s CEO and the man behind much of the direction in the company’s analogue and digital products discusses the hardware/plug-in issue, the right ingredients, system modelling, and why it’s all just about allowing people to express themselves.
  • CEDAR Audio’s senior engineer talks about the technology behind the company’s products, the algorithm refinement process, processing power hikes, and why he likes tea without sugar.
  • Founding director of SADiE and the guiding man behind the DAW manufacturer’s technology talks about maintaining standards, the need for education, going native, and creative software.
  • The man who helped defi ne the industry and set the parameters for the appreciation of performance and quality talks shop.
  • The two founders of prism sound still drive the technology of the manufacturer. They talk about the wordlength issue, true resolution and why not all convertors are created equal.
  • The man behind the technology at Soundtracs and DiGiCo talks fi xed point, fl oating point, one-box solutions and central heating control.
  • Electric current through a vacuum — NIGEL JOPSON feels the heat in Harlow with co-founder and designer Vic Keary and his team
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