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Resolution reports on broadcast, post, recording, multimedia and mastering facility builds and upgrades around the world. Our coverage majors on the business grounding for the ventures and on the technical structure and people skills involved.

  • NIGEL JOPSON finds the iconic amp brand have turned the dial to 11 with a new recording facility
  • Atmos in Amsterdam – superstar producer/DJ Martin Garrix's amazing facility
  • With 5 studios in the heart of London’s West End Soho Voiceover Soho provides audio post-production for TV, radio, online and cinema.
  • The Royal College of Music, Stockholm, features a ground-breaking 360° immersive listening space, several studios and some legendary synths
  • Take established mastering and postproduction operations, double the capacity and move the lot to the 29th floor of one of London’s landmark buildings and you have a recipe for an interesting setup.
  • Ghana’s newest, finest and only international standard studio went live at the beginning of the year after a protracted and eventful incubation.
  • Less a studio, more a model for a way of life, Chxllseeker is billed as the UK’s first surround sound DVD music video label. Its creator won’t let the system grind him down and warns others to take control of their own destiny.
  • Russia has returned and Moscow leads the way for its music recording community. ZENON SCHOEPE reports on a studio that has played no small part in the country’s cultural history.
  • It is extremely difficult to communicate the full scale of India’s Ramoji Film City. It’s billed as ‘the world’s largest integrated film production complex’ and it is hard to argue with that. ZENON SCHOEPE is amazed.
  • Luc Besson’s full-service residential audio postproduction facility has adopted a low profile in France despite the grandeur of its scale and ambition. ZENON SCHOEPE takes a day trip to the continent.
  • Studio builds traditionally sprout from previous studio connections and it is now rare to encounter a truly new enterprise. ZENON SCHOEPE travels to Rome to visit a genuine newcomer.
  • There are no gold discs on display and no deep shag pile carpets. The hub of the operation is a large farmhouse kitchen table – one that, if it could talk, could relate a few tales for the tabloids. JIM EVANS goes back to Rockfield to discover how it has chosen to kit up for its future.
  • It’s the grandest and most ambitious ground-up studio complex built anywhere in recent times. Sony’s in-house facility is in for the long haul and combines forward thinking technology with old-fashioned character and values.
  • Some of the biggest commer cials rooms in London’s Soho have been r efurbished and now they’re even bigger. ZENON SCHOEPE talks to Robbie and Rick about Fairlights, pianos and neurosurgery.
  • Balancing a high profile city centre satellite mastering operation against the backdrop of a suburb-based replication plant, Tocano has all the bases covered and adheres to the first three laws of real estate – location, location and location.
  • Robin Millar, producer and man-about-the-music-business, has bought Whitfield Street Studios and has grand plans to run it as a five-star facility. JIM EVANS reports on the recreation of a standard.
  • The new European Union States are enjoying the opportunity to update their broadcast infrastructures but they’re also leap-frogging technology generations. KEITH SPENCER-ALLEN visits Slovakia to take in the sights and a broadcaster’s vision.
  • Broadcasting is changing globally but it’s also undergoing considerable rethinking even at relatively local levels. ROB JAMES reports on the new face of regional commercial broadcasting in the UK.
  • Commercial radio has come on in leaps and bounds in Poland and this broadcaster has blazed the trail with its ambition and technology. ZENON SCHOEPE travels to historic Krakow.
  • The games industry may be looked down on by more traditional markets but the sector’s enormous and growing hold on the consumer plus imminent changes in the next generation of games consoles means it has now geared up and is working to high standards. ZENON SCHOEPE visits Paris’ finest.
  • With a history that is intrinsically linked to the recording industry of Sweden, this Gothenburg studio has endured many changes of ownership and fortune in its 30 years. However, bricks and mortar endure as do dreams, professionalism and sound business sense.
  • An increase in its market for audio has seen this Belgian facility install three Fairlight Constellations and broaden its client base in the process. ZENON SCHOEPE visits a complex that would offer all the services you could need under one roof.
  • Take a studio with a history, start again and expand it into a complex that offers a complete suite of facilities with multichannel all under one roof. ZENON SCHOEPE is impressed with the results.
  • It’s a showcase venue for musicians, it’s an SSL-equipped recording studio, it’s a mini-Motown and it’s in Scotland. NIGEL JOPSON goes north of the border to find out what the fuss is all about.
  • Nimrod Productions is recording orchestras and recreating the sounds of the 1970s in the Oxfordshire countryside in a facility where it’s Game On rather than Game Over.
  • A broadcaster’s part relocation and part temporary rehousing has given it the clear opportunity, that all would want, to take the leap to tapeless. ZENON SCHOEPE visits Geneva to see how the audio contingent has managed.
  • A brand new ground-up studio complex has raised the bar in the Indian fi lm audio production scene and set the standards for others to follow. Like so many other Bollywood hopefuls before him, ZENON SCHOEPE goes to Mumbai.
  • A a treasure-trove of recording in Stockholm: Neve 8058, EMI TG12345, backline galore and good vibes
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