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Resolution Awards Voting 2021

Despite the ongoing challenges of global pandemic, 2021 has continued to see the development of new and innovative products, which we are pleased to recognise in our 2021 Awards nominations.

The selections include high-tech AoIP equipment, digital and analogue processing, artisanal custom-builds, and reinvigorated DAW and plug-in software. They represent the (sometimes esoteric) recommendations of our writing team, trusted colleagues and peers, and now we’d like you to vote for your favourites to decide the winners.

Since the 2019 Awards, we have opened the voting process to our digital community — audio pros who receive our email newsletter, readers and our wider Facebook and social media audience; simply enter an email address, make your choices on the voting form, and click ‘Submit’. We maintain fairness by only allowing one vote per IP address (the numerical label assigned to a device or local network connected to the internet).

Voting for our 12th annual Resolution Awards will close at the end of November, and the winners will be announced in a special digital Winners Supplement, and in the Winter edition of Resolution.

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