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Monthly Archive: January 2022

  • Genelec has now made its Aural ID software technology available in a DAW plug-in format. As well as providing extra features and more flexible purchasing models. Using video footage supplied by the user via the free Aural ID Creator mobile app, Genelec then analyses the way the user’s head, external ear and upper body affect […]
  • CEntrance’s ‘The English Channel’ is actually a set of three signal processors that create a single modular portable channel strip: a Studio Mic Pre with Limiter, Dynamics Processor with Gate and De- Esser, and Parametric EQ with a sonic enhancer. As the name hints, the tools use technology found in typically ‘British’ recording consoles. The […]
  • Antelope Audio has announced the availability of a USB C variant of its Zen Q Synergy Core compact audio interface. Aimed at home music creators, or mobile recording rigs, its a 14 x 10 bus-powered USB-C audio interface with onboard real-time effects and expandable I/O. This compact design incorporates the same AD/DA chips, mic pres, […]
  • PreSonus has released a major update to its Studio One DAW. The new 5.5 iteration adds improvements for production, performance, and mastering, touting itself as the first and only DAW with an integrated mastering environment, which sits as part of Studio One’s Project Page. With Studio One 5.5, the Project Page now provides full track […]

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